Android TV box is one of the commonly used home electronic devices, as long as it is connected to the network, it can directly watch multimedia content. So, what are the ways to download software for ordinary Android TV boxes?

AOSP Android TV Box

1. If it is an App that can be found in the App Store, just search and download it directly in the App Store.

2. If it is a third-party App, this software generally cannot be downloaded in the App Store.

Generally, there are two ways to download. One is to directly open the browser inside the box and enter the download URL to download and install. The second is to download through the U flash, you can download the APK of the software to the U disk in advance on the computer, and then insert the U disk into the set-top box and install it.

ATV Android TV Box

1. If the App can be found in the store of ATV TV Box, just search and download it directly.

2. If it is third-party software, the download method is completely different from that of the AOSP set-top box. ATV TV boxes are generally certified by Google, you need to use Downloader, and also you need to open permissions to download and install the third-party apps.

3. Or use a USB stick if the ATV box has a USB port. Customers can first download the APK file of the third-party App to the U disk, then insert it into the ATV box, and use the File Browser to install the software in the U disk.

For specific steps, you can refer to this article:

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