Game Stick is one of the hot selling items in our company, and we have received many requires about how to download the extra game files on the Game Stick.

There are many different gamesticks on the market, but we’re only going to use one of these gamesticks for your reference today, so you still need to talk to your seller about the steps and precautions in case any damage of your game box.

USB Game Console Stick 2.4G Wireless 64G 4K TV Box - 4 Handles
USB Game Console Stick 2.4G Wireless 64G 4K TV Box - 4 Handles

The one we want to talk about is called M8 Game Stick, features as below.

1. Built in 1000+ classic games, which perfectly support MAME, FC, GB, GBA, GBC, MD, SFC, PS1, ATARI.

2. Support two players with two 2.4G wireless gamepads, making you enjoy playing games with family or friends on the sofa at home with no limit.

3. Support high definition HDMI output, can connect to TV/TV Set-top Box/Projector.

4. High-performance chip without lag and stable.

5. Support 4 players Simultaneous battles.

6. Support TF card, and expansion 128GB.

7. Support 8-bit,16-bit,24-bit,64-bit,128-bit, and other nine kinds of emulators game format.

How to Download Game Files on Game Stick?

  1. Take out the TF card of game stick
  2. Prepare a card reader, and insert the TF card of game stick into the card reader
  3. Insert the card reader into the computer and check the game file format of different emulators
  4. Open the browser(Google), and search the game files of the corresponding emulator(eg. nes game file download) and download it.
  5. After downloaded, copy the game files to the corresponding folder in the TF card of the game stick
  6. All done on the computer, insert the TF card back to the Game Stick
  7. Connect your Game stick, and find the new game you just downloaded, then you can play game now.

If you still can not understand, you also can check the below video.