Generally speaking, the lifespan of tv boxes is 2-3 years. If you use it every day, and you use it for a long time every day, you’re likely to have a shorter lifespan, roughly the same as a mobile phone.

In different set-top boxes, heat dissipation is not the same. Therefore, if you want the box to last a little longer, choose one with a strong configuration and fast heat dissipation.

If you have bought a TV box, you think the current TV box heat dissipation is very general, how to extend the lifespan of the box?
Buy a small cooling fan.

C1 Plus Radiator mini Fan

C1 Plus USB Radiator mini Fan Features:

1. USB connection, great for Android boxes that have a USB host, like h96 max, x96 x4 tv box, hk1 Android tv box, etc.

2. Anti Slip Mats with bottom column holder

3. 7 cooling fan blades, soft running, low speed, and gentle. It not only can reduce the running sounds, but also reduce the running time power consumption, and energy saving.

4. Powerful power motor, wind stability, durability, strong power, accurate speed, long life, fast heat dissipation, and low noise.

5. High-quality ABS material, anti-corrosion, and anti-rust, added safety net, reduces accidental injuries, and also prevents things from getting involved and damaging the fan blades.

6. Powerful exhaust heat dissipation, solve the problem of smoke exhaust and heat dissipation when soldering in your maintenance work, built-in powerful motor, fast rotation.

7. Noise reduction and ventilation, using a copper core motor, the performance far exceeds that of ordinary motors in light operation.

How to use cooling fan?

It is simple, just insert the USB cable of the radiator mini fan into the set top box, and then it will work.

You also can watch the below video to get more info on the cooling fan for tv box. If you are worrying about the lifespan of your TV Box, you definitely should have one.