Android TV Box is one of the more popular streaming devices, there are Android TV Boxes with ATV, iATV and AOSP system, as well as Linux TV Boxes. The lifespan of a TV Box varies depending on how often the user uses it. Moreover, the quality of the boxes on the market varies, and there is no guarantee that some of the TV boxes are of poor quality and thus will not last longer.

Normal use of the TV box does not have a cooling fan, only a small heat sink, when the playback box for a long time, the CPU temperature will continue to rise, the highest temperature may even reach 95 ℃, then this will lead to the box video lag, or stop working, etc., and the box’s life expectancy will be shortened. If you want the TV box to last longer, users can use it together with a cooling fan. With improved heat dissipation, the Set top box will naturally last longer. At present, we have an upgraded version of the cooling fan, called C1 Plus cooling fan.

USB Cooling Fan for Android TV Box

For this cooling fan, we have done a test experiment. With this cooling fan, the box can work for a day. The built-in CPU of the box always stays at 40℃-50℃. Even if it is used for a long time, the TV box will not crash or freeze, and the CPU will not be damaged. This is very helpful to extend the life of the box!

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