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Here I am going to share the steps about the H96 Max V11 TV Box.

1. Open the firmware download website, and download the Factorytool for Rockchip and DriverAssistant file on your PC/computer.
Download link: https://iptvintvbox.com/firmware/

2. Open the Factorytool files that you have downloaded on your PC, click to open, and find the FactoryTool, OPEN.

3. On Factorytool, click firmware, input the firmware file, which you can download by the below link.
H96 Max V11 Firmware: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rOkctDKLM9wJNAA_uxCGY10OtTPPjVT6/view?usp=sharing

4. Once the firmware file is added, connect the h96 Max V11 Box to the PC by a double-USB cable.
Detailed steps are as follow:
A: Prepare one Double USB cable, one round head pin(which for the reset of your V11 box)
B: One side USB for PC, one side USB for a TV box.
C: Plug USB to PC firstly, and use the round head pin to reset box while another USB plug to tv box. (The connection to TV Box is the same time as the v11 android box resetting.

5. Click run, it will begin to download the firmware and upgrade on H96 Max V11 Android TV Box. Normally, it will take 4 minutes.

6. After upgrading, disconnect your box with the PC. Go and connect with your TV, open the box, find Setting – Device Preferences – About – Build, you will see your system is the latest now!

YouTube video tutorial: https://youtu.be/dgy5WpBQAsk

H96 Max V11 Android box is one of the hot-selling set-top boxes with Android 11.0 OS, Rockchip RK3318 chipset, Dual WIFI, 100M Ethernet, 4K video decoding, and other functions.

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