Remote control is one of the indispensable accessories for Android TV boxes and TVs. Some remotes can also support controlling computers, tablets, projectors, gaming products, and so on.

Currently, there are three main types of remote control on the market, infrared remote control, 2.4G remote control, and Bluetooth remote control. The functions of each type of remote control are also different, among which the remote control with gyroscope function is also called air mouse remote control. So, how to solve the problem when the remote control does not work?

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G10S Voice Air Mouse with Gyroscope TV remote control
BPR3S plus 2.4G Bluetooth Voice Remote Control Air Mouse

Generally speaking, we can confirm the status of the remote control by the indicator light, so as to solve the problem of the remote control can not be used.

Situation 1: when you clicking the remote control button, the indicator light does not light up

In this case, we suggest you to replace a new batteries. If it still doesn’t work, you can check the connection between the power supply and the circuit board, you can try to fix the connection and see if will work. If you done that, the problem still not be solved, it might be the quality of the product, pls contact the seller to apply for after-sales service.

Situation 2: The indicator light is on all the time

This situation is usually caused by the key stuck. Firstly, press all the keys and see if you can feel which key has a stuck problem. If the problem still have, you can take remote control apart and check all the keys, and get back to see if work now.

Situation 3: Indicator light keeps blinking

This situation means that the remote control is in the state of pending matching, you can re-pair the 2.4G connection or Bluetooth connection.

Situation 4: It takes many times to click the remote control buttons before the indicator light turns on, or the indicator light does not turn on when you press some of the buttons.

This situation may be caused by low battery, please replace a new battery. If you did this, still not working. You can disassemble the remote control to clean the electronic board and key board, and then try again. If still the same problem, it may be the quality of the product, pls contact seller to apply for after-sales service.

Situation 5: The indicator light is normal, when you press it, it will light up, but the remote control does not have any functions.

The probability of this situation is relatively less, usually caused by incompatible equipment, you’d better get a another new remote control for your device. Nowadays, there is no remote control that can be used on all devices. So, if you have a specific device, you can contact the merchant to determine the compatibility before purchasing.

These are most of the solutions about the remote control not working. If it still can’t solve your problem, we suggest you to take the video of the inoperative remote control, the equipment used, and give it to the remote control seller, who will provide the relevant solution.