Recently, we have received quite a few inquiries from customers about replacement remote control for DVB boxes. Most remote controls of DVB boxes are infrared remote controls, which need to be aimed at the receiver of the DVB box to use. They are relatively traditional remote controls.

Today we are here to share a good IR remote control, is completely can replace the original DVB remote control, its name is BPIR remote control.

BPIR tv remote control with full key IR Learning
BPIR Full key IR Learning TV Remote Control

BPIR Remote Control Features:

  • Except “SET” button, all other buttons cannot be learned
  • Universal IR learning remote control, application for DVB Box, Mag Box, TV Box, and Smart TV after infrared learning.
  • Quick response, and easy-to-do IR learning.

How to learn ir remote control? (SET button cannot be learned):

  1. Press the “SET” button, and release it when the indicator light is on.
  2. Press the button that would learn, it starts learning when the indicator light flashes once.
  3. Align the infrared head to another remote that would be learned.
  4. Press that be learned button till the light flashes and then the light keeps on.
  5. Repeat steps 2 ~ step 4 to leam the other buttons, and press the“SET” button to exit.

Therefore, when you want to change to a new remote control, you can choose BPIR remote control. For example, we have test the BPIR infrared learning remote on DVB S2 T2 Combo QBox or DVB S2 HD9800 Box. After IR learning, you can total use BPIR as a replacement remote control or backup remote.

DVB T2 S2 QBOX Combo Box
DVB S2 HD9800 Set Top Box