The Android TV box is similar to a smartphone, allowing you to use different streaming devices like a mobile phone, as long as you are connected to a TV and the Internet.

At present, there are two types of Android TV box on the market, the Google approved box and the non-Google approved AOSP box. Their functions are the same, only the restrictions are different from each other. You can download the popular applications directly from the Store, so if I want to download and install some third-party software, how can I go about doing that?

Mecool KM2 PLUS ATV Box
H96 MAX 3528 Android 13.0 TV Box

Google Certified TV boxes, such as the Mecool KM2 Plus TV box or the popular Mi TV box, require certain permissions to be enabled to download third-party software. On Google Certified boxes, there are two ways to install third party software: 1) via downloader by entering the download url, 2) by putting the third-party APK file on a USB drive and installing and using it via file manager.

The AOSP boxes that are not certified by Google are much simpler and do not need to use the above apps. One is to enter the download link directly into the Google Chrome browser, download and install it, and the other is to download it to a USB drive and install it into the TV box.

These are the ways to download and install third-party software inside for Android TV box. So, how are you using it? Please leave a comment below to let me know what you think about it.

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