HDMI sync lights are composed of an HDMI sync box and TV backlight strips. After installed behind the TV and connected to the box, the color of the tv backlights will change with the color of the screen, giving people an immersive feeling when watching movies and playing games.

Let’s see how to install your HDMI sync light to your TV.
There is mainly two parts to the installation. One is the installation of TV backlights. Another one is connections of TV backlights, HDMI Sync Box, TV box, and TV.
Installation of TV Backlights
1. Stick adhesive to all the brackets and put them on the 4 corners of the TV. Each bracket must be placed in its proper position.

2. Measure the approximate length before putting on the light strips on the TV
3. Cut the extra length to fit on your TV
4. Stick the strips slowly on the TV, place them gently on the 4 corners

Connections of HDMI Sync Lights
1. Side strips connect to SIDE USB, bottom strips to Bottom USB
2. TV Box HDMI to the Input of the HDMI Sync Box
3. Power on TV, TV Box, HDMI Sync Box
4. Download the TUYA App on your Mobile Phone
5. Connect the APP to HDMI Sync Box( The indicator light will keep flashing until it is connected)
6. Choose the Modes you need(Screen Mode or Music Mode

For more details, pls watch this video: https://youtu.be/kkw2-FjmNDU

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