Sync LED backlight often referred to as TV backlight strips or LED ambient lighting kits, are a type of lighting solution designed to enhance the viewing experience on your television. These light strips are placed behind or around your TV/pc/computer and can synchronize with the content being displayed on the screen.

### Key Features and Benefits:

1. **Immersive Experience**: Sync backlights can create a more immersive viewing experience by providing ambient lighting that matches the mood and action on the screen.

2. **Reduced Eye Strain**: By providing soft background lighting, sync backlights can help reduce eye strain, especially in darker rooms, as they minimize the contrast between the bright screen and the surrounding darkness.

3. **Enhanced Ambiance**: The lighting can be adjusted to match the room’s ambiance or personal preferences, creating a more enjoyable and comfortable viewing environment.

4. **Customizable Settings**: Many sync backlight systems offer customizable settings, allowing users to control the color, brightness, and synchronization speed of the lights.

5. **Wireless Control**: Some systems offer wireless control via a remote control or smartphone app, making it easy to change settings without having to get up from your seat.

6. **Smart Home Integration**: In some cases, sync backlights can be integrated with smart home systems, allowing for automated control and synchronization with other smart devices.

7. **Energy Efficiency**: LED light strips are energy-efficient and consume less power than traditional lighting solutions.

8. **Safety**: LED light strips are cool to the touch and do not produce harmful UV light, making them safe for use around the home.

9 **Aesthetic Appeal**: The sleek design and customizable lighting can add a touch of modern elegance to your living room or home theater.

10 **Easy Installation**: Sync backlight strips are typically easy to install, often requiring only adhesive and a power source.

Here we would like to share one of the hot selling sync backlights for both Android devices and PC/Computers, called BPSK2.

Android and PC Sync Kits pc&android BPSK2

Compatible with:


Compatible: Windows 7 ~ Windows 11 OS

Incompatible: Mac OS, Parallels desktop, and other Windows image systems.


Compatible: Most Allwinner and Rockchip Chipset TV Box and TV Stick

Incompatible: Most Amlogic Chip TV Box and TV Stick, Pads, Phones, Projectors


Uncertain Compatibility Devices: Raspberry Pi and Linux.

How to Install LED Backlight on TV?

1. Choose the right sync backlight kit for your TV screen or monitor. Roughly measure the mounting location on the back of your monitor or TV.

2. Install the LED light strip corner connector to the corner where the LED light strip will be installed. Avoid sticking your fingers and try not to let your fingers touch the adhesive surface of the glue.

3. Start fixing the LED light strip from any position in the bottom corner. Usually, we start from the bottom left or bottom right corner.

4. Cut off the excess light strip at the mark.

5. Fix the control box

– Connect the LED light strip to the control box

– Connect the control box to the USB port of the playback device

– Connect the other end of the LED light strip to the power supply.

6. Download, install the corresponding control software and settings according to the instructions

Download AmbiBox for PC:


1. Please install it on the default C drive of Windows, otherwise some characters may not be displayed correctly.

2. Windows mirroring system cannot be used.

Download the Ambient Light app for Android: