The main purpose of the helium miner antenna is to improve the signal of the miner to get higher helium miner rewards. However, occasionally we get some new customers asking how to mount a helium mining antenna? Installing the antenna is actually very simple and can be done in a minute.

Let’s get to know the main accessories of the helium mining antenna.

helium miner fiberglass LoRa antenna



Helium Miner Fiberglass Antenna *1

100mm N Female to RP-SMA Male Cable *1

SMA Male to RP-SMA-Female Adapter *1

Clamp Bracket with U-bolts *2

How to install helium antenna?

1. Use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screws a little for helium miner setuphelium miner setup helium miner setup

2. Put the helium hotspot antenna in the bracket and tighten it

helium miner setup

3. Put the U-shaped screw into the bracket and lock it with the screw

helium miner setup

helium miner setup helium miner setup helium miner setup

4. Connect the RP-SMA male plug to the Hotspot miner

helium miner setup

The above is the high gain antenna installation to helium miner hotspot, is it very simple, right? If you can’t understand, you can also get more info through this video.

When you buy the antenna, you should pay attention to whether it matches your Helium miner. As there are different gain and frequency bands for miners, you need to pick the right one according to your installation and country.

Currently, our company provides 3 dBi antenna, 4 dBi antenna, 5.8dBi fiberglass antenna kit, 8 dBi helium antenna, 10 dBi antenna and 12 dBi antenna with 915MHz & 868 MHz frequency. Click ANTENNA for more info.

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