Android TV Box is one of the more well-known streaming devices, customers can watch the streaming information on top of TV Box at any time as long as they are connected to TV and internet.

So, can android TV Box play games? Most Android Boxes can play games, but only some small games are supported. If you want to play more complicated games, we suggest customers to buy a game box directly, or a game TV Box?

What is a game TV box?
Game TV Box means that the device can be used not only as a TV box, but also as a game box, usually with dual systems, such as M8 PRO Mini Game TV Box.

M8 Pro Mini Android 12 Game TV Box
M8 Pro Mini Android 12 Game TV Box
M8 Pro Mini Android 12 Game TV Box

1. Dual system, different systems have different functions.

2. as a TV Box, 2G+16G large memory, the latest Android 12.1 system, H313 chip, 2.4G 100M network support, and can watch 4K video. 3. as a Game box, there are two systems.

3. as Game box, there are up to 10000 videos in 64G TF card.

4. Users can choose any different modes to use.

How to Play Games on Android TV Box?

1. Select Game to unlock the tv game box function.

2. Connect the gamepad and select the game you want to play.

If you want to know more about this andriod gaming box, you can directly click the YouTube video: