Before buying an Android TV Box, users need to make sure the connection methods of your Android TV Box. Normally, you can connect your TV via HDMI Cable, while some other Old TV may need to use AV cable for connection.

Nowadays, some Android Boxes support both HDMI and AV cable to connect your TV, some TV Boxes only support HDMI cable. So make sure if you got the correct TV Box.

BOXPUT BP4 S905X4 8K Android 11 TV Box



From the left picture, you can find the that BOXPUT BP4 TV Box has both an AV port and an HD MI port. So you can easily use it.


Also, some TV Box will not support AV connection.

If your TV only support AV connection, you need to notice if the TV Box have AV, otherwise, the TV Box will not work on your TV.

There are a lot of different TV Boxes, with different chipsets, designs, memory, function, price, 4K or 8K. You just need to pick the right one according to your budget and features. If you need 4K, then a 4K Android TV Box will be ok for you. If you want the box to have 8K decoding mode, then you need to buy an 8K TV Box. Simple and easy!

Android TV Box will be with remote for selling, so when you got your tv box & remotes, you just need to connect by the following ways.

1. Check the tv box, remote, HDMI cable, power supply, and other accessories will be in the package. If you received a box that does not look like the picture shows, you can contact the TV Box seller.

2. Connect the HDMI cable of your TV to the HDMI port of the TV box. (Make sure the HDMI Cable of your TV is also connected.)

3. Connect the power supply of your TV.

4. Use the remote to turn on your TV Box, also TV should turn on. ( Some Android TV box for sale does not have batteries, while some do.)

5. Choose the corresponding input of your Android TV Box, and then will go straight to the TV Box system.

6. For some Bluetooth remotes, you will need to pair and connect when you first time to use the TV Box.

7. Basic setup for the TV Box. Such as the language, and network connection(using a WIFI or cable).

8. If you buy a Google-certified TV Box/TV Stick, it will require you to log in to your Google account, and then set up.

If you are using an AV connection, it will be a similar connect way.

Now, all the connections and setup all complete now. You can add your favorite app for your Android TV Box, and start to use the functions.

All in all, the tv box setup is very easy, you can quickly learn in minutes.

So what TV Box do you want to buy? Are you going to buy an android tv box at Amazon? If you haven’t decided yet, take a look at our Android TV Boxes, or drop me a message and I’ll recommend you a well-configured and cost-effective TV Box.