When using the Russian keyboard remote control air mouse, people sometimes have problems with inputting a language that is not Russian. Today I will share how to solve this problem. Usually, the main reason of this problem is because the system keyboard doesn’t support that language, but don’t worry, we can solve this problem by the following steps.

1. Download Russian Keyboard APK

Open a browser on your computer and enter the URL: http://boxput.com/

On the website, select the download option and click on “Free Tools Download”.

Find and select Download Russian Keyboard APK from the list.

Copy the downloaded APK file to a USB flash drive and extract it.

Plug the USB flash drive into the TV box and click to install Russian Keyboard APK

2. Setup Russian Keyboard

Open the Settings menu of your TV box.

Go to “Device Preferences”.

Find the “Keyboard” option and click “Manage Keyboard”.

Find and open “Russian Keyboard” in the list.

3. Configure Russian Keyboard

Open the “Russian Keyboard” settings.

Click on the third option.

Select the “Translit RU” option.

Select “External Keyboard RU” from the drop-down menu.

Click the third option again to select the English-Russian switching shortcut setting and select the appropriate switching shortcut according to your situation.

4. Switch keyboard

Return to the keyboard settings screen.

Click the “Current Keyboard” option.

Select “Russian Keyboard”.

After completing the above steps, you can use Russian Keyboard normally. By installing Russian Keyboard APK and setting it up accordingly, we have successfully solved the problem of using Russian Keyboard on TV box to input a language that is not Russian. If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section and we will try to help you out. Thanks for watching!