An Android TV box is a device that runs the Android operating system and is designed to connect to a TV or monitor. It essentially turns a regular TV into a smart TV, allowing users to access a variety of online entertainment and multimedia content. Users simply connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and have direct access to the Google Play store to download and install a variety of apps and games. These include popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, players, APKs and more.

Q8 S905Y4 iATV TV Box with BT Voice Remote
X88 PRO 13 RK3528 Android 13.0 TV Box
iATV Q5 Android TV Box

There are thousands of Android TV boxes on the market with completely different systems, configurations, chipsets, and prices. At the same time, the methods and steps to upgrade their corresponding firmware are also different.

TV box firmware upgrade is mainly divided into OTA upgrade, U disk upgrade and PC upgrade.

Today we are going to share how to use PC upgrade in amlogic chipset TV box.

1. Download the relevant tools/software needed for firmware upgrade.

2. Download the firmware you need to use for the box.

3. Open the firmware upgrade software – click File – select Imoort image – select the firmware – connect the box and the computer (plug the USB cable into the computer, use the thimble to hold down the box’s reset button, the box’s reset button is generally located in the power jack or AV jack, and then plug the USB cable into the box) – click Start – upload the completion of the upgrading has been successful!

It is not recommended for users to upgrade the firmware when there is no problem with the TV box. Moreover, the factory shipment of TV box is divided into batches, so each batch of TV box may need different firmware. Please contact the buyer or manufacturer to get the corresponding firmware upgrade, so as not to cause the box can not be used due to their potential mistakes.