Android TV box is one type of streaming device that is staying hot. There are various Android versions, chipsets, CPUs, RAM, features and more to match the needs of a wide variety of users.

One of these boxes is called H96 Max V58 TV Box, which is a well-known and high-performance TV box.

H96 MAX V58 RK3588 Android 12 TV Box
H96 MAX V58 RK3588 Android 12 TV Box

H96 Max V58 TV Box

Features as below

  1. Rockchip RK3588 chipset
  2. Android 12.0 operating system TV Box
  3. Dual WIFI 2.4G+5G WIFI6, faster
  4. 1000M Ethernet
  5. Support Bluetooth 5.0
  6. 4K live streaming, 8K resolution
  7. With 2.4G Voice wireless remote control
  8. 4G+32G or 8G+64G
  9. USB 2.0+USB 3.0

The above is something about the H96 MAX V58 TV Box. When something is wrong with the H96 Max V58 TV Box, like some bugs, or function problems, some users will want to upgrade the firmware.

Upgrade Firmware Steps as follows:

  1. Preparation tools: H96 MAX V58 TV Box, Power cord, sim card key, USB to USB Cable
  2. Enter the download site:
  3. Select Download
  4. Download the upgrade program and firmware
  5. Install the upgrade program
  6. Select firmware
  7. Connecting the box to the computer
  8. Plug one port of the dual USB cable into the computer and another port into the TV Box, use the thimble to press the RESET socket on the H96 MAX V58, and then plug in the power cord
  9. Connection complete, click start
  10. After a successful upgrade, you can reboot the device to use

Note: Each batch of boxes may need different firmware, please communicate with the seller in advance if the firmware is the one that matches your box. Moreover, if there is no problem with the TV box, it is not recommended for customers to do the step of upgrading the firmware.