Air mouse is an upgraded version of the ordinary remote control, in addition to the traditional connection, the user can also be connected through 2.4G or Bluetooth, and has more features, such as gyroscope, voice, keyboard, backlight, with built-in battery, anti-loss function, and so on. There are many different kinds of air mouse remotes on the market with different functions. A single connection function can be connected to a device only. Today, we would like to share a special remote control that can be connected to the TV box and another devices, and used them at the same time in the state of Bluetooth.

This remote control is called BPR3S Plus.

BPR3S Plus has several features as follows.

1. 2.4G connection or Bluetooth connection

2. 6-axis gyroscope

3. Support full device voice

4. Support full key IR learning

5. There are 4 keys (power key, signal source key, volume up and down key) IR isolation function, and these 4 keys default Samsung code value, other TVs need IR learning, both can be used.

6. have numeric keypad, the user can quickly enter the number

7. support OTA

8. support custom logo service, with MOQ requirements, contact remote control manufacturer ( pls~

BPR3S plus 2.4G Bluetooth Voice Remote Control Air Mouse

The biggest feature of this remote control 4 keys IR isolation, how to use?

For example, I already use this remote control on my TV box, then I can use these four keys on top of my existing TV at the same time. If it is a Samsung Smart TV, you can use it directly, if it is another Smart TV, you need IR learning before using it.

Why these 4 keys have infrared isolation?

These four keys are the most commonly used keys of remote inside a smart TV, so we designed the four keys to be IR isolated so they can be used on two devices at the same time.

With this remote control, you can use this BPR3S Plus remote control for tv & another tv box more conveniently at home, what do you think?