Both Android TV box and TV Stick is a small hardware device that connects to your television through an HDMI port. It runs on the Android operating system, just like many smartphones and tablets. They typically have more powerful hardware specifications, including a processor, memory (RAM), and storage, which enables it to handle more demanding tasks like gaming and multitasking. It offers a wider range of connectivity options, such as USB ports and SD card slots, providing flexibility in connecting external devices and expanding storage capacity. Android TV boxes & TV Sticks often come with a dedicated wireless mouse remote control or support for gaming controllers or voice commands.

How to use 2.4 GHz wireless mouse for TV Box or TV Stick?

1. Prepare the 2.4 GHz Mouse: Insert batteries into the wireless mouse if required. Make sure the mouse is turned on by flipping the power switch or pressing the power button, if applicable.

2. Plug in the Receiver: Find the USB receiver that came with your wireless mouse. Typically, it is a small dongle. Plug the USB receiver into an available USB port on your TV Box or TV Stick.

3. Pair the Mouse and Receiver: After plugging in the receiver, your device should automatically recognize it and install any necessary drivers. The mouse should then be ready to use. If it does not connect automatically, look for a “Connect” or “Pair” button on both the receiver and the mouse, and press them simultaneously to establish a connection.

4. Test the Mouse: Move the mouse around on a suitable surface and verify that the cursor on your screen moves accordingly. If the mouse has additional features like buttons for scrolling or additional functions, test those as well to ensure they are working as intended.

5. Adjust Mouse Settings (Optional): Depending on your operating system, you may have the option to adjust mouse settings to suit your preferences. This could include things like mouse sensitivity, button assignments, scrolling speed, and more. To access these settings, go to the “Mouse” or “Mouse & Touchpad” section in the Settings menu of your device.

Note: Keep in mind that some wireless mouse might require specific software drivers or additional setup steps depending on the manufacturer. In such cases, refer to the user manual that came with your mouse for detailed instructions.

Overall, using a 2.4 GHz wireless mouse is simple and convenient. It provides the freedom to control your Android Box without being constrained by cables.

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