DVB box is a relatively traditional streaming media device, and users in many regions still use this device. Currently, DVB set-top boxes have the following three transmission methods.

1. Digital satellite TV broadcasting (DVB-S satellite system) using direct broadcasting of satellite channels

2. Digital terrestrial television for terrestrial broadcasting (DVB-T terrestrial transmission mode)

3. Digital cable TV using cable TV network broadcasting (DVB-C cable transmission mode)

DVB-S and DVB-C are universal, without country and region restrictions. But DVB-T uses different DVB standards in different regions. Of course, some countries have different standards.

For example: the DVB standard in the United States or some countries in North America is ATSC, and some countries in South America use ISDBT. Therefore, you must confirm this information before purchasing a DVB box.

Of course, with the development of the times, users in many countries now use Android set-top boxes or TV sticks to replace the original methods. So, do you prefer a traditional streaming device or a new-age Android set-top box or TV stick?

dvb t2 x21 set top box
dvb ISDBT 1508C TV Box