Using Miracast on an Android TV Box can vary based on the specific device and the version of Android running on it. However, here is a general guideline on how to use Miracast on an Android TV Box:

1. Make sure your Android TV Box supports Miracast. Not all devices have built-in Miracast capabilities, so verify this in the device specifications or user manual.
2. Download the corresponding APP on your mobile phone. After connecting the mobile phone and the Android TV box to the same LAN, open the APP and connect to the TV box to cast the screen.

Very simple, right?

If there is no Micacst software on the Android TV box, you can download it through the following methods:

1. Open the browser and enter the URL:
2. Click on the download page, select “Free Tools Download”, and then click on the screen mirroring software to download.
3. After downloading the screen mirroring software on both the Android TV box and the mobile phone, connect them to the same LAN/Network, then open the APP and connect to the TV box to mirror the screen.

For more information about cast your phone screen to Android TV Box, you can watch the below YouTube video.