TV Stick is one of the better-known streaming devices for watching live content. Because of its small, functional has been widely popular with customers. However, because the device is small, some of the features are limited. For example, the TV Stick 4K cannot use the network cable. You only can use the Internet through WIFI.

But if you think WIFI is unstable and want to use a network cable, how do you do that on your mini TV stick?

Buy a USB to Ethernet Adapter.

USB 2.0 to RJ45 Ethernet 100M Adatper

With this little adapter, you can easily use the Ethernet cable. But make sure your TV Stick has a USB host. Insert the USB to Lan adapter, and then you can use the Ethernet cable now.

Normally, we will link this USB to Ethernet Adapter to TV Stick, and sell together for customers to choose.

Android TV Stick

But if your TV Stick does not have a USB host? Like the Amazon fire TV Stick? In this way, you can buy a 2 in 1 Micro to USB OTG Cable Adapter and use the USB devices, not only the USB to Ethernet Adapter, but also USB drivers, USB receiver of remtoe control.

Micro to USB OTG Cable Adapter for TV Stick
Micro to USB OTG Cable Adapter for TV Stick