A TV remote plays a vital role in controlling and accessing the features of a television, providing convenience and ease of use for users to navigate and enjoy their viewing experience.

Today, I would like to share one of the universal remote control as a alternative for your current tv remote. This remote control is called BPIR, which support all buttons to do infrared learning.

How to use universal tv remote BPIR?

BPIR remote is a IR remote control, so you just learning all buttons by the following steps, this new remote con totally replace your old one.

IR Learning (SET button cannot be learned):

1. Press the “SET” button, and release it when the indicator light is on.
2. Press the button that would leam, it starts learning when the indicator light flashes once.
3. Align the infrared head to another remote that would be learned.
4. Press that be learned button till the light flashes and then the light keeps on.
5. Repeat steps 2 ~ step 4 to leam the other buttons, press the“SET” button to exit.

BPIR tv remote control with full key IR Learning
BPIR Full key IR Learning Remote control