Amazon Firestick is a small and convenient streaming device produced by Amazon, but it has a small memory and no USB port compared to ordinary Android TV boxes. If so, how can I solve this problem and get more storage?

Here I would like to share one of our new products, called 2 in 1 micro to USB cable adapter, which can solve the above problem. Details and features are as below.


2 in 1 micro to USB cable adapter

One micro android port for connecting the Amazon firestick or other tv stick

One USB port can directly to plug into the TV as a power supply

Another USB port to use the external USB drive

2 in 1 micro to usb cable adapter
2 in 1 micro to usb cable adapter

If you are using Amazon Firestick, you just need to connect as the above, and plug the HDMI port of the Amazon Fire TV Stick to your TV’s HDMI port as you always do, and the USB port plug to the TV’s USB port(if your TV have) or the power supply, and another USB for external USB driver.

After all connected, turn on your TV and TV stick, and then plug your USB drive into the exterual USB port on the cable adapter. It will have a notice on your TV screen in the lower-right corner to confrim the USB drive has been detected.

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