Android TV Box is one of the hot selling streaming device on the market now. For now, there are three versions of the Android tv boxes. They are ATV/Google certified TV Boxes, iATV system tv boxes, and AOSP Android Boxes.

For ATV TV Box and iATV TV Boxes, the tv box always with a Bluetooth and voice assistant remote control, so you can easily to use the voice function. But for APSO tv boxes, they are always with IR remote control, which is not allowed to use voice function.

If you really want to use the voice assistant, you must meet the following 2 conditions.

Normally, the Android TV box supports and installs the voice assistant. If your Android TV box does not have voice assistant App, you can download and install it through the APP store.
Because of the Android TV box manufacturers to control the cost, so most of the AOSP Android TV box with infrared remote control, the general infrared remote control does not support voice function. So we need to buy the air Mouse remote control with voice function, and it is recommended to buy the voice air Mouse remote control with 2.4G connection, because the AOSP Android TV box only supports the voice remote control with 2.4G connection. After meeting these 2 conditions, we can directly use the voice assistant to control the Android TV box.

To get mroe info, you also can watch the below YouTube video.