TV Stick is one of the well-known streaming devices, second only to Android TV boxes. It has been widely popular among users because of its easy connection, functionality, small size and cheap price.

However, just because the TV Stick is so small, some of the features are not available, for example: users can only use WIFI(2.4G+5G), but not the Internet cable. How is this problem going to be solved?

1. If the TV stick has a USB port, we just need a USB 2.0 to RJ45 100M SR9900 adapter, then we can use the adapter to connect to the network.(Pls watch the below YouTube video to get more info.)

2. If the TV stick doesn’t have a USB port, users can buy a micro to USB multi-functional cable and then use the USB to Ethernet adapater.

Although the TV stick is very small and convenient, but for some features, such as the above mentioned network cable, USB, large memory, and so on other features or not as strong as the TV box. If the user has certain requirements for the Android TV box and it is for home use, it is recommended to prioritize the TV box.