Nowadays, it seems most of them watch LIVE on the internet. But still have many people don’t use any internet or cable, how to watch LIVE Streaming?

Many people will buy a TV Antenna for streaming. This is a good option, but you only can find a few channels by using a TV Antenna. If you want more channels? How?

DVB Box!

DVB is short for Digital Video Broadcasting. DVB is a market-oriented digital service architecture established in 1993 to promote television services based on the MPEG-2 encoding international standard. More than 200 organizations in 25 countries worldwide have joined the DVB project.

Digital video broadcasting (DVB), like analog TV broadcasting, is broadcast in three ways: first, digital satellite TV broadcasting using satellite channels for direct broadcasting; second, digital cable TV using cable networks for broadcasting; and third, digital terrestrial TV for terrestrial broadcasting.

When we search DVB Box, it will have many different models for different countries. Here are some common transmission standards DVB boxes.

DVB-T2: It is the second generation European standard for digital terrestrial television broadcasting transmission, was announced in June 2008, and is available in countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.
DVB-S2: It is the latest and upgraded generation of digital satellite broadcasting standards based on DVB-S. DVB-S2 adopts the latest channel coding scheme (LDPC+BCH), extends the signal input mode matching, introduces QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK, 32APSK based adaptive signal modulation mode (ACM), and makes new breakthroughs in receiver carrier recovery and fast frame synchronization technologies.
ATSC: The full name is Advanced Television System Committee, which is an American standard. ATSC source coding using MPEG-2 video compression and AC-3 audio compression; channel coding using VSB modulation, providing two modes: terrestrial broadcast mode (8VSB) and high data rate mode (16VSB). It is mainly used in North America, including the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, South Korea(some works).
ISDB: It is a digital broadcasting system standard developed by Japan’s DIBEG (Digital Broadcasting Experts Group), which uses a multiplexing scheme that has been standardized to send a variety of different kinds of signals over a common transmission channel, while the signals that have been multiplexed can also be sent over a variety of different transmission channels. ISDB is flexible, scalable, and common, allowing flexible integration and transmission of multi-program television and other data services.

Now, there are also have one Box both have T2 and S2, which we called, DVB T2S2 Combo.

For example:

This DVB T2S2 Combo with MPEG4 H.264 functions, WIFI, and Sunplus 1506TV chipset. It is one of the hot-selling items in the market with a very competitive price.

Except for this combo box, we also have one DVB box not only have S2, T2 but also have cable received and an Android OS system. That means you have multiple options for watching LIVE. Click Alphadoo Combo for more information. Most DVB boxes don’t have an Android operating system, but this 4-in-1 box does. You can operate it like a normal android tv box, Firestick, Nvidia Shield Pro.

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