TV boxes and TV sticks are one of the more popular streaming devices today, connected to the Internet and TV, and can be used at will both like a cell phone. There are many android streaming tv box or TV sticks on the market with various configurations and prices, so just choose the one that suits you.

The product we are going to share today is the Black TV Box and Black TV Stick. Their main differences are as follows.
1. The Black TV box can be connected to a TV with AV and HDMI, while the Black TV Stick only supports HDMI connection.
2. Black TV box memory is 2G+8G while Black TV Stick memory is 2G+16G.
3. The chipset of Black TV box is Allwinner H316, while the chip of Black TV Stick is Allwinner H313.
4. Black TV box can use network cable and WIFI, while Black TV Stick only supports WIFI connection.
5. The Black TV box has 2 USB options, while the Black TV Stick has only one USB.

iATV Stick Q3 2+16G Android 10 Allwinner
iATV Q5 Android TV Box

Other configuration is basically the same, both are Android 10.0 iATV system, support Bluetooth and Bluetooth voice remote control, support dual WIFI, 4K decoding mode.

Most importantly, both of them we support low quantity of customization services, that many suppliers can not make it for you.

1. Logo on the color package/TV box/TV stick/ remote control- MOQ: 1 piece
2. Change the package with its own brand & design – MOQ: 100-1000 pieces
3. Customize the iATV Q3 Black TV Stick/Black TV Box with your own device name, time zone, language, boot logo, boot animation, pre-installed apps, add favorite apps to home page, Shortcut key setting, pre-launch apps

How to customize by myself?

Part 1: Download the software zip file:

1. Open your browser and type in the website:
2. Click Download
3. Select iATV Stick Q3 Boot Up Customize and click Download

Part 2:

Q3 Instructions for use of customized tools

1. The purpose of the tool: to make a customized script file through the tool. (The target file is: customized.dat)
2. The use of customized files: copy the target files to the root directory of the U disk, insert the U disk into the machine, and the machine will automatically recognize and make customized modifications.
3. Use of customized tools.

①Unzip the downloaded folder

Open the folder – click Q5CustomizeTool_Q3 – double click Q5CustomizeTool
Open the Q5CustomizeTool.exe in the file directory:

②Basic configuration: as shown in the figure, you can set the device name (model), time zone, and language; erase data (after checking, the device will restore the factory settings after customization, and clear the data. Customers can check according to their choices) .

③Boot LOGO: Input 16:9 jpg, png, bmp files, the tool will automatically convert the format to 1280×720 24-bit bmp images.

④Boot animation: input as mp4 file or, only one can be selected.

⑤ Pre-installed applications: add the import of preset apps, the total capacity is not more than 100m.

⑥Favorite Apps: Modify the fav app column on the main interface, and set up to 10.

⑦Shortcut key setting (choose to modify according to the type of customer, and some customer remote controls do not support this option): This option is modified according to the remote control configured on the machine. If the configured remote control does not have a shortcut key, it does not need to be modified; Infrared and Bluetooth code values, the two code values must select the same application (as shown in the figure, the infrared and Bluetooth of the TV button select the same application)

⑧Other settings: Configurable startup application.

4.Export a customized script file: Click File in the menu bar, select Export, and select a save path.

5.After the export is successful, a customized.dat file will be generated and copied to the root directory of the U disk;

6.Insert the U disk into the device, and the device will automatically make customized modifications.

7.Unplug the U disk after completion;

You also can watch below video for more information.