TV Box and TV Stick are relatively well-known streaming media devices. As long as they are connected to a TV and the Internet, they can watch other streaming media software such as live programs online. Today, we will share two products that are frequently consulted by customers, one is iATV Q3 TV Stick, and the other is αTV se TV Box.

Both TV Stick and TV Box work the same way, but there are still subtle differences. The needs of each user are different, and the equipment they choose is naturally different. So, what are the main differences between iATV Q3 TV Stick and αTV se TV Box?

1. The iATV Q3 TV Stick is a TV Stick, so it cannot be connected to a network cable, but the Q3 has a USB, you can buy a USB to Lan adapter, and then connect the network cable.

2. αTV se TV Box can use optical equipment and AV connection for some old TV. Since the Q3 is a TV Stick, it doesn’t have these features either.

3. The iATV Q3 TV Stick has one TV Stick, but the αTV se TV Box has two TV Sticks.

4. The remote control of αTV se TV Box does not have Bluetooth, but iATV Q3 TV Stick is a Bluetooth remote control.

5. Other functions, iATV Q3 TV Stick and αTV se TV Box are the same. Such as: the device is Android 10.0 system, Allwinner H313 Chipset, 2G+8GB configuration, supports Bluetooth, Dual WIFI, 2.4G+5G, 4K streaming.

Overall, there is not much difference between the two products. If you are used to using a TV box, then you should buy αTV se TV Box, if you want something more convenient, then you can choose TV Stick.

The above is the information of these two products, so which one do you prefer?