Android TV Box and Android TV Stick are both popular streaming media devices. As long as they are connected to the Internet, users can easily watch videos, pictures and other information. Today, we’re here to share two streaming devices with similar names. They are the iATV Q5 (left) and the iATV Q3 (right).

iATV Q5 Android TV Box

iATV Q5 TV Box vs iATV Q3 TV Stick

We are going to compare them from the below parts.

1. iATV Q5 is a TV Box, while iATV Q3 is a TV Stick, so their design and functions are different.

2. Chipset: iATV Q5 TV Box uses an Allwinner H316 chipset, while iATV Q3 is using Allwinner H313 chipset.

3. The iATV Q5 TV Box is with a Bluetooth 5.2 Remote control, while iATV Q3 is with a Bluetooth Remote control, not to mention its version.

4. Lan Ethernet: As iATV Q5 is a TV Box, so it can easily use an Ethernet cable, while iATV Q3 TV Stick only can use WIFI or buy an extra USB to Lan adapter for use the Ethernet cable.

5. iATV Q5 TV Box support connecting by AV(some old TV), while iATV Q3 TV Stick only supports connecting by HDMI cable.

6. iATV Q5 TV Box has two USB ports for USB devices, while iATV Q3 TV Stick only has one USB Port.

7. Other functions, like Android 10.0, 4K Streaming, Dual WIFI 2.4G+5G, 100M, 2G+8G, and USB Port, both streaming devices are identical.

8. Price: iATV Q5 TV Box will be cheaper than iATV Q3 TV Stick.

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