The iATV system TV box is similar to Google TV, but without the Google certification and without the Netflix certification. Other than the lack of certification, they are similar.

At present, many Google-certified TV boxes on the market have high configurations and relatively high prices, so many users tend to choose iATV system TV boxes.

Today, we will share three different iATV TV boxes to see which one you prefer.

iATV Q5 Android TV Box with BLE Remote Control
Q5 PLUS S905W2 Android 11 iATV TV Box
iATV R5 Android 13 TV Box Rockchip 3528 BT Voice Remote Control

The Q5 Black TV Box, Q5 Plus TV Box, and R5 TV Box are all different models of Android TV boxes with iATV system. Here are some key features of each:

Q5 Black TV Box:

– iATV system with Android 10.0
– 2G+8G storage configuration
– Allwinner H313 processor
– Dual 2.4G/5G WiFi for fast wireless connectivity
– Two USB ports for connecting USB devices
– Built-in MyTV, Disney, Netflix, and other apps
– Includes a Bluetooth remote with voice control function

Q5 Plus TV Box:

– iATV system with Android 11.0
– 2G+16G storage configuration
– Powered by the Amlogic S905W2 chipset
– Dual 2.4G/5G WiFi support
– Bluetooth 5.2 voice remote
– Supports 4K live streaming experience
– Built-in Stalker, Disney, Netflix, and other apps
– All apps are TV version optimized for easy navigation and usage

R5 TV Box:

– iATV system with 2G+16G storage configuration
– Supports APP TV version
– Dual WiFi support (WiFi6 2.4G/5G) for fast internet connectivity
– 4K Ultra HD resolution support for high-quality video playback
– 8K video decoding capability
– OTA updates for convenient system updates
– BT5.0+Bluetooth Voice infrared isolation remote for controlling both the TV box and smart TV simultaneously
– Built-in cast screen feature allows for easy streaming and sharing of content
– USB and SD card support for expanded storage options

From the above features, we can find the key differences between these iATV TV box models lie in their operating system version, storage configuration, processor, additional features, video quality capabilities, and remote control options. The specific features and capabilities of each model can help determine which one better suits your needs and preferences. So which model you prefer?