Mecool KD3 and KD5 TV Stick are some of the hot selling Google certified TV Sticks on the market now.

What is a TV Stick?

TV Stick is also a media streaming player, with the same functions as the Android TV Box. But the TV Stick is always mini, that’s why called TV Stick. The TV Stick price will be very different based on the brand, configuration, and whether Google & Netflix are certified or not.

Here I would like to show two TV Sticks with Google Certified. They are called Mecool KD3 and Mecool KD5 TV Stick.

MECOOL KD3 Google Certified TV Stick
MECOOL KD5 Amlogic S805X2 Android 11.0 TV Stick Google Certified Chromecast Built-in Netflix YouTube Prime Video Google Play Media 4K Streaming Player

Mecool TV Stick or Mecool TV Box are Google Certified, which some of them also got both the Google and Netflix certifications. Both Mecool KD3 and KD5 have the Google & Netflix certified. What are their differences?

From the outer apperence, they looks the same, only color are not the same. In fact, they have the following differences.

1. Color-This is the most obvious difference.
2. Chipset-Mecool KD3 is using Amlogic S904Y4 chipset, while KD5 TV Stick is using Amlogic S805X2 chipset.
3. Memory-
Mecool KD3 is 2G+8G, but KD5 TV Stick only have 1G+8G.

Other features are the same.

1. Built-in Google Assistant, with voice remote control.
2. Built-in Chromecast, you can easily cast pictures, videos from your phone.
Built-in YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, etc
Support timely OTA updates.
5. Both TV Sticks runs the latest Android 11.0 operating system.
6. Google & Netflix Certified, support Netflix 4K live streaming.

Also, we can do the extra services for this Android TV Stick 4K.

1. Print the Logo on the color package/tv stick/remote control.(But also will keep the MECOOL LOGO as the certification is got by this brand-MECOOL.)
2. Pre-install Apps as requested
3. Test your App if needed
4. Design or change a new color box.
5. Change some configurations on the TV Stick, which will have a MOQ requirement.

That’s all! If you need further information about the TV Stick, pls leave messages below.