LMR stands for Time Microwave Corporation, which produced many low loss, super flexible, high frequency, good abrasion resistance cable. The number following the LMR represents the thickness of the shield layer (also known as the class) and has a corresponding low degree of loss. M

ost of the antennas on the market are matched with LMR 200. What’s the difference between LMR200 and LMR400?

You can see the difference in the chart below.

LMR Cable

As can be seen from the above table, at the same signal, the DECIbel loss of LRM400 cable is only 0.36dB/m, while that of LMR200 cable is 0.87dB/m.. Therefor the LMR400 Cable will be your good option.

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You also can get more difference from the below video.