A air mouse is mainly a remote control with a gyroscope function that can quickly move your cursor over the device you are using. Nowadays, there are three main ways to connect the remote control, infrared connection, 2.4G connection and Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth connection is the most convenient and fast one, and is also the most popular type of remote control.

Today, we would like to introduce a special Bluetooth remote control for flying mice called BPR3S air mouse remote control.

BPR3S Plus Voice Remote Control (3)
BPR3S Plus Voice Remote Control
BPR3S Plus Voice Remote Control

BPR3S Air Mouse Features

  • Bluetooth connection. If you are using the android tv box, you just need to open the settings of the tv box, and find the Bluetooth, connection/pair.
  • Voice function, press the voice button, with the network, then use it
  • Gyroscope, in this mode, you can quickly move the cursor to where you want to press
  • IR Learning, this tv remote control support all buttons to do infrared learning
  • 4 extra buttons can connect your smart TV at the same time when Bluetooth is connected. So only one air mouse can control both your TV Box and smart TV.
  • Universal use, like TV Box, TV Stick, Projector, Smart TV, Phone, Computer, etc.

Here I also would like share one video of BPR3S voice remote control(click here) for TV Box & smart tv. If you want to get more other tv remote control for tv box or tv stick, pls leave comments below, I will contact you soon.