Radiator mini fan is mainly to give the set top box fan heat, prolong the service life of the Android TV boxes. The mini fan used in set-top boxes has been one of our best-selling products, but we upgraded it after getting some feedback from customers.

Here are some of the features of the new mini fan, full name is C1 Plus Radiator mini fan.

1. USB connection

2. Strong 7 cooling fan blades

3. Super mute

4. High quality ABS material, anti-corrosion and anti-rust

5. Added safety net reduce accidental injuries, and also prevent things from getting involved and damaging the fan blades

6. Using copper core motor, the performance far exceeds that of ordinary motors in light operation

7. Bottom column holder, prevent the radiator fan from moving while it is running

8. Reduce the running time power consumption and energy saving

9. Powerful power motor

10. Fast and powerful exhaust heat dissipation and low noise

11. Using the cooling fan, the box plays for one day. And the built-in CPU of the box is always maintained at 40℃ -50℃

So, what we do from the old radiator mini fan to the new radiator mini fan?

There are two parts we have upgraded, check the below picture.

C1 Plus Radiator mini Fan

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