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I got customers especially some wholesalers saying that they were in trouble with iviewHD application, on which BBC, as well as ITV series, froze really terribly every 7 pm GMT.

The problem happened around 5 days ago, and mainly in the UK as well as Ireland, our users have problems accessing the channels they wanted without a VPN. IviewHD on BT broadband works only if you have a VPN switched on for example.

You guys have my apologies for these inconvenience, and I had a talk with our engineers, who works for the stability of our server, and got the replied that sport events are now recovering, and we’re getting more and more customers on iviewHD and then the server load running. But never worries, we’re updating the server currently by expanding the bandwidth. And good news is that I got feedback this morning from my customers, saying that the channels are working well.

I will keep an eye on the channels, and once any other upgrades, I will let you guys know as well.

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