Remote control is one of the inaccessible accessories for TV and TV box. Usually, one remote control corresponds to one device. So, different devices are paired with different remote controls. However, many original remotes are damaged, lost, or don’t work well after a period of time, so users can buy other functional remotes to replace the original ones.

So, is there a remote control that can control two different devices at the same time, such as: TV and TV box?

The current market is more often the case that a remote control can only match one device, and you need to disconnect the first device to connect the other one. Today, we will share how to control both TV and TV box at the same time with one remote control.

In fact, it’s very simple to solve this problem, you just need to prepare a remote control with IR isolation function.

What is IR isolation?

With Bluetooth or 2.4G connection, Air Mouse remote can’t use infrared to control devices. But the IR Isolation feature allows the Air Mouse remote to use IR to control devices under Bluetooth or 2.4G connection mode.

Since we can use both control modes at the same time, we can control both the TV and the Android TV Box at the same time. The remote control that has this feature is the BPR2S Plus or BPR3S Plus air mouse remote control.

We just need to learn the infrared code value of the TV remote control through the infrared learning function of the Air Mouse remote control. (Usually it will default to the infrared code value of a certain TV, our default is Samsung TV, so we can directly use the four keys: power button, signal source button, volume up and down buttons, and operate directly on the TV. Other TVs need to learn just that.) Then use Bluetooth or 2.4G connection to control the TV box. In this way, we can control both TV and TV Box with one remote control simultaneously.

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