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well. I am here again.
I have got lots of customers asking that if they can have our services on multi-devices. They are subscribing to our packages and want to watch Live TV in the dining room and also need vods in the living room, so they are wondering if we get solutions.
We are sorry we did not have a very good way to handle this problem and then POPTV has been released.
By this brand new package, you can access the worldwide live channels including sports, live streaming, news, etc.
whats more? POPTV gets two different applications, one for live HD, another for vods, and a subscription code is available on both apps. Which means you could install vods on one device, and get live one on another. I know it is not a perfect solution but this is what we have for now.
Also, POPTV allows free trials as well, you can leave messages or go our official site to get it, try and let us know if you like it. And you are surely will!
Our site, tvpao.com

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