Problems you may have when you are using an IPTV #2 Leave a comment

Hi, this is Steve. Have a nice day. And I would like to update this article series cause our clients have newly got in some problems.

Q: I am using the Best HD IPTV, and get nothing on the screen.

A: Check that loading circle if it turns into red. If so, make sure that you have entered the username along with the password correctly, then restart the APP. If the problem still occurs, remove Best HD and re-install the latest version here.

Q: I am a reseller, and I still have balance on you, can you charge me in GBP as usual?

A: We began to charge in USD on 1st June, 2019. And due to the exchange rate, your balance might be something different from what you expect, it may be more, also could be less. But for sure you can pay by GBP as usual, we will start to charge in USD when you use up your balance and top up it next time.

Q: I enjoy some channels very much but the IPTV package disable me to catch up, can I record it by some recording device?

A: Of course you can, but remember not to post anything of the information on your SNS.

Q: I factory reset my box, and why the IPTV ask me to put in the activation code again?

A: Your user ID of the package might change once you reset the box, and no need to worry, just contact us to fix it.

Q: How can I get the latest version of iview HD?

A: We have made a video on how to remove and re-install iview HD, you can check it here.

To be continued..

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