8 dBi Helium Miner LoRa 1100mm Fiberglass Antenna


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  • 900MHz-930MHz 8dBi 1100mm US915 Fiberglass Antenna
  • 858MHz-878MHz 8dBi 1100mm EU868 Fiberglass Antenna



Material: Fiberglass
Material of Radiator: Copper
Connector Type: N-male
Colour: White
Antenna Height: 1100mm
Antenna Diameter:2cm
Max Gain: 8dBi
Frequency: 900-930MHz/858-878MHz
Radiation type: Omnidirectional
Polarization: Vertical
Fixing Method: 2pcs U-beam Clamp will be provided for each antenna


Material: 3D-FB, lower signal loss than RG58 cable

Cable connector

LMR200 N Female to RP-SMA Male Cable (1m)
SMA Male to RP-SMA-Female Adapter

Need other cable length and interface, please contact our customer service 

360°Omnidirectional receive transmit signal

Stable performance/High gain/Low VSWR/Wide Frequency Band
Compared with other metals, the main characteristics of copper are high conductivity, high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, suitable strength, and easy processing formability

Waterproof Sealing Technology
Antifreeze/Ultraviolet-proof/Anti cracking
The top and bottom of the antenna is used double-sided waterproof processing and can effectively against rainy weather

Outdoor waterproof moisture-proof and rainproof

Aluminum Alloy base

Sturdy and durable

Excellent conductivity

The base is perfectly made of aluminum and firm enough to against the strong wind