PROS VS CONS: HDMI Sync Box TV Backlights

In order to make the room more like a home theater or more feelings when playing video games, many people will buy a sync box with TV light strips for the background.
There are many different kinds of backlights with sync screen functions in the market, with different quality and price. and how to find a suitable one? Does the sync box with TV backlights only have this advantages?
Absolutely no, here I’ll talk about the pros and cons of our popular sync strip lights.
Light sync with the screen, and zero delay
Sync lights to any HDMI device, like android box, firestick, Apple TV, etc
Supports 4K 30Hz, will upgrade
High quality LED chips, means longer liftspan and less lumen depreciation
Waterproof IP65 of the strips
Cuttable light strips, with different length, like 55 inches, 65 inches, 90 inches
Support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Screen mode and Music mode two main options, and brightness adjusting
Easily to set up and connect
No extra bridage and camera required.
A very competitive/affordable price
Supports one HDMI port, and offer HDMI version 1.4 for now
The Supports the sources resolution within or equal to 4K/30Hz, means if greater than 4K/30Hz, then will now work.
IR receiver not available

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