We’ve been doing Android boxes for years, and sometimes we hear customers say what does RAM means, what does ROM mean?

Let’s talk about RAM and ROM in a nutshell.
* It refers to Random Access Memory.
* Any information stored in RAM will be lost after a power failure, so RAM is volatile memory.
* It allows the box to read the data quickly for running your applications. So the bigger the RAM, the faster the box will run.
* When RAM is working properly, data can be read from RAM and written to RAM. So it allows reading and writing.
* The data stored on RAM can be retrieved and changed.
* RAM is used to temporarily store some data that needs to be processed by the CPU.
* The CPU can access data stored in RAM.
* RAM can be used as CPU cache and main memory.
* The usual ones in the box are 2G, 4G, 8GB.

* It refers to Read-only memory.
* It is a nonvolatile memory.
* The data stored in ROM can only be read, can not be written. Once written, the information is fixed and will not be lost even if the power is cut off.
* ROM is like storage space, you can store all kinds of files, including videos, photos, music, software, and so on.
* ROM data is usually written before loading the machine, the machine can only be read during the working process, unlike random access memory can quickly and easily rewrite the storage content.
* ROM data stability, power after the storage data will not change, and the structure is simple, easy to use, so often used to store a variety of fixed procedures and data.
* The usual ones in the box are 8G, 16G, 32G, 64G, 128G

RAM and ROM are like the operating memory and body memory in a smartphone. The larger the memory, the higher its price.

Here are three hot-selling Android TV boxes with good RAM and ROM.
H96 Max RK3566 box: Rockchip 3566, Android 11.0, 1000M, Duel WIFI, BLE, 8K decoding, 4G+32G, 8G+64G RAM/ROM options.
X88 Pro 20 tv box: Android 11.0 TV box with high-quality Rockchip 3566, support 1000M, Dual WIFI, BLE, 8K decoding with BT remote. and 4G+32G, 8G+64G, 8G+128G RAM/ROM options.
HK1 X3 Android box: Android 9.0, Amlogic S905X3 chipset, 1000M, dual WIFI, 8K decoding, 4G+32G/4G+64G/4G+128G options.

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