BPR1S Plus Bluetooth Air mouse


The air mouse is one of the most popular items on TV accessories. Normally, it will have IR learning, 2.4G, Bluetooth, Gyroscope, Voice, Backlit, keyboard, and other functions.

Because of the more full-featured and easy to operate, it soon replaced the original infrared remote control or 2.4G remote control. We can still find them on the TVs, DVB boxes, Android TV Boxes.

Here I would like to share one of our hot-selling air mouses, which we called BPR1S Plus air mouse, which has the following functions.

IR Learning for all buttons: IR learning can learn any IR remote control and replace the original IR remote control after learning it well. This function needs to ensure that the original remote control is intact. Many air mouses on the market with IR remote control only support partial key learning. Our remote control BPR1S Plus supports full-key learning.

IR learning steps:

1. Press the button that needs to learn for 8 seconds till it’s flashing, then release (The indicator light on after flashing).
2. Align the IR, press the button that would be learned, it shows success when the indicator light flashes.
3. Repeat 1~2 to learn the other buttons.
4. Press “Delete” and “Back” at the same time till the light flashes to reset IR.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth function is one of the biggest features of the existing air mouse, as long as it is connected to Bluetooth, it can be used anytime.

Bluetooth pairing steps:

1. To pair another new device, press “OK” and “Back” at the same time till the light flashes.
2. Keep the bluetooth remote control within 1 meter of the device for faster pairing.
3. Open Bluetooth searching, pair with “BOXPUT | BPR1S”.

2.4GHz wireless air mouse: with USB received, you can use it from >10 meters long distance.

2.4G Pairing steps:

1. Keep pressing the “OK” and “Back” at the same time till the light flashes.
2. Plug in the USB receiver and keep the remote near to the USB receiver within 5 cm for faster pairing.
3. The indicator light stops flashing to indicate successful pairing.

Gyroscope: with this function, you can quickly move the cursor on the TV screen, instead of slowly moving.

Voice assistant: this means press the voice button, you can quickly search for what you want. Just press, and say “open YouTube”, then it will open YouTube. It is normal, Voice assistant functions of the air mouse on the ATV Box. ATV box means the Android Box already got Google certified. Now, there are also many normal Android Boxes that have a voice air mouse.

Voice Air Mouse Note:

  • In Bluetooth mode, the voice function is applicable to some ATV devices, like TCL Smart TV, Shield TV Box, HAKO mini, Google TV, etc. But the voice function may be incompatible with the other devices.
  • In Bluetooth mode, the voice function is not compatible with all AOSP Android functions.
  • In 2.4G mode, the voice function supports AOSP Android and ATV devices.

Those functions are the BPR1S Plus air mouse remote has. If you are looking for a new air mouse, why do not try this one?

For more details, pls contact me by email at info@tvpao.com or WhatsApp me +86 18126129120. I will get back to you soon!