When we are happily watching the game, we suddenly find that the network will be interrupted or jammed from time to time, and it is impossible to watch the football match smoothly. Will you be angry? Obviously, I had a dual-band WIFI router at home, but the existing Android box only supports single-band WIFI, which affects the watching of the game. Do you want to upgrade to a new Android box with dual-band WIFI?

If I switch to a dual-band WIFI Android box, this problem will be solved? What’s going on?

What’s the difference between single-band WIFI and dual-band WIFI?

Single-band WiFi means it’s only 2.4 GIGABytes, which means it only supports 4G networks. It has strong penetration, a long-range, and a short frequency band so that it can be picked up over great distances. However, 2.4g single-frequency WIFI will be unstable, have the low anti-attenuation ability, easy to interfere with, even if it is full, there will be a slow network. So sometimes you can find your network signal is obviously full, but the network is slow, this may be caused by the interference.

The box of dual-band WiFi refers to that it supports both 2.4ghz and 5GHz wireless WiFi signals and can support complete wireless networks including 802.11a/ B/G/N, which belongs to the fifth generation Wi-Fi transmission technology (5G Wi-Fi). The advantages of dual-frequency WiFi are that the transmission speed of wireless WiFi signal is faster, the signal is more stable, and the wireless equipment can be more power-saving.

In the past, many Android boxes were basically single-band wifi, but as technology has improved, many Android TV boxes support dual WIFI design, which has a faster transmission and more stable signal.

Here are some of the most popular Android set-top boxes.
H96 Max RK3566 TV box: support dual WIFI, 1000M ethernet, 8K decoding, Android 11.0 with BT remote.
X88 pro 20 Android 11.0 box: Dual WIFI, RK3566, 8K decoding, 1000M.
HK1 X3 Android box: Android 9 OS, Amlogic S905X3 chipset, Dual WIFI, 1000M, 8K decoding.
X96 X4 TV box: Android 11.0 OS, Amlogic S905X4 chipset, Dual WIFI, 1000M, 8K decoding.
X96 X6 Android 11.0 box: Dual WIFI, Rockchip 3566 chipset, 1000M, 8K decoding.

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