The mining power supply is one of the very important tools that enable you to gain more helium miner rewards in the most efficient and best way. However, there are single rail and multi-rail mining power supplies on the market, how do distinguish them?

Please check the following points.

1. The voltage display is different for single rail and multi rail miner power supply. Helium miner power supplies have a nameplate, on the nameplate, if only a +12V logo appears, then it is single rail 12V, while if the power supply has +12V1 and +12V2 logos, it is dual-rail.

2. The role of single rail and multi rail power supply is different. The first 12V is to power the graphics card, the second 12V is to power the CPU, and the current of a single 12V will be higher, while the current of a dual 12V is smaller for each.

3. Is there a backup power supply? Single rail power supply means that there is only one set of external power supply, there is no backup, if there is a failure, there is a power outage, multi rail power supply means that there are two sets of external power supply, one set is in the normal state, usually rely on it, one set is in the backup state, when the normal power supply failure can be powered by the backup power supply, will not cause a power outage.
4. Single rail and multi rail power supply for different ranges, single rail power supply suitable for overclocking, multi rail power supply suitable for multiple devices. After understanding the power supply, you will generally prefer a single 12V power supply. The multi rail crypto miner power supply is generally used in hospitals, important institutions, factories that can not blackout, etc..

Single rail and Multi rail 12V power supply, in terms of performance, there is no obvious difference between the advantages and disadvantages. Many users who know more about power supplies will choose a single 12V power supply because the current limit value of each dual 12V is lower, and the possibility of overcurrent protection is greater, while the single 12V current is often larger and less likely to occur. In fact, you don’t have to get hung up on which way is better, as long as the combined 12V output power of the power supply can drive your accessories, there is no difference at all between single rail and multi rail 12V mining power supply.

Moreover, if your graphics card is very high-end, consumes more power, or needs to be overclocked, buying a single rail 12V power supply is the most worry-free option. Generally speaking, single rail power supply is suitable for overclocking, and multi rail power supply is suitable for multiple devices.

The above are their differences on helium hotspot mining single rail and multi rail power supply, hopefully you can understand now!

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