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Hello, this is Steve here.

I would like to share some solutions to those problems that my clients meet in their daily life. And if this helps you, it would be great.

Q: why my IPTV app stopped from running?

A: You may get a unsuitable version of that application on your box,or your version is out of date. Just remove it from your box and get the latest version on our site, re-install that, it would be solved.

Q: why my iview HD freeze for a while and comes back usually?

A: that may happen because your box is overload. ┬áPlease go settings- apps- iview HD – clear data/ cache – confirm, and power off your box for around 10 minutes, then restart it, find if it is solved.

Q: why my iview HD take so much storage of my box?

A: Make sure that how many storage of your box left. And if iview HD surely to take much storage, remove it and re-install, it will be fixed.

Q: How can I remove my iview HD app?

A: Sometimes we need to re-install iview, so we have to remove it first. Just go settings- apps- iview HD  – uninstall- confirm. Then the app will be removed from your box.

Q: can I enjoy a re-seller price? If so, how?

A: We do get discount for re-seller at price. And there are two ways to access the price, one is to top up 300~400 USD to your balance, and each time you want an activation code, we will deducted your balance.The other way is to group no less than 5 friends or families, and place an order of 5 codes a time, you will surely enjoy the discount.

To be continued…

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