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Hi, this is Steve. And we are currently on a summer promotion.

1. Make deposit and get free Android box

A. Top up no less than 400 USD, you will enjoy a reseller price,

B. Top up 800~1200 USD, you can enjoy Middle discount on the price,

C. Top up 1200~1600 USD, you can enjoy senior discount on the price and get a 1G/8G Android box for free,

D. Top up more Than 1600 USD, you can enjoy the best price and get a 2G/8G Android box for free.

For the prices, contact me please.

2. Purchase yearly activation codes and get another code for free.

You can get free code by purchasing yearly code as following,

Package you purchaseFree code you will get
10* yearly POPTV1 year POPTV
10*yearly BestHD1 year BestHD
5*yearly Brazil TV1 month AZTV
10*yearly YOUMAG6 months YOUMAG
10*yearly FEXTV6 months FEXTV
10*yearly Best IPTV6 months Best IPTV
10*yearly QHDTV / QURTV6 months QHDTV / QURTV
10*yearly IUDTV / UKWTV6 months IUDTV / UKWTV
10*yearly SUBTV / BMYTV6 months SUBTV / BMYTV
5*yearly AZTV1 month AZTV
10*yearly IVIEW / Xtrix / ATV3 months IVIEW / Xtrix / ATV
10*yearly IVIEW+ / Xtrix + / ATV+3 months IVIEW+ / Xtrix + / ATV+
10*yearly MYIPTV6 months MYIPTV or yearly OLITV
10*yearly MYPADTV6 months MYPADTV or yearly OLITV
10*yearly Sunshine TVyearly OLITV
10*yearly HAO HD – Ayearly OLITV
10*yearly HAO HD – Cyearly OLITV
10*yearly OLITVyearly OLITV

For more details of this promotion,

Find me on whatsapp , viber & Skype,+8615112660703

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