T95 Plus VS T95 Android Box, Which One is Best?

T95 Plus and T95 are the Android TV box, the name looks the same, but total different from the apperance to the price.

Please check the comparison of the two TV box on the below table.

T95 PlusAndroid 11.0RK35664G/32G | 8G/64G2.4G/5G1000M8K1*USB 3.0
1*USB 2.0
T95Android 10.0Allwinner H6162G/16G | 4G/32G 
4G/64G | 4G/128G
2.4G100M6K2*USB 2.0No

Because the configuration is different, the price is also different. Now you know clearly which one is suit for you.

Purchasing link as below:
T95 Plus: https://tvpao.com/product/t95-plus-rockchip-rk3566-android-11-0-tv-box/
T95: https://tvpao.com/product/t95-allwinner-h616-android-10-0-tv-box/

For more details, pls contact:
Website: https://www.tvpao.com
Email: info@tvpao.com
Viber/Whatsapp/Skype: +86 15112660703
WeChat: iviewhdtv

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