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It has been 2 weeks since we released Stridebox on our site, and clients are supposed to have got their box for now. Their feedbacks are mostly good, but still, some customers get confused cause they have problems.

StrideBox gets into a loop of updating

Well, some customers are having this problem. We did release a brand new version of the software and all boxes are supposed to auto-upgrade. But if you’re on low internet speed, your box will get into the loop of updating.

So if this happens, make sure your internet works fine again, and pin the reset socket of the box, which is on the back. Then after finishing restarting, your box supposes to work fine.

What to do if I select an unproper language?

I get a few customers who set the box into a wrong language options. The world IPTV Stridebox has a great chip so that it supports more than 30 different languages.

The box in a different language can be annoying, cause you can not read an unfamiliar language. And without an air mouse, you cannot finish the job of switching language, the only way is to factory reset and do the settings again.

As I said, pin the socket and you will have the job done.

Are you getting problems above? Or you get more trouble? Leave a message and let us know!

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