Android TV Box or Android TV Stick connection with the TV is very simple. Streaming devices users just need to connect the HDMI, and power on, the tv box or tv stick will start. But, they are still many users who have encountered the problem that the Android TV box or TV stick does not work after connecting to the power supply and the screen shows no signal when you are using the Android TV box or TV stick? How to solve this situation?

We can troubleshoot each one, find the problem and fix it.

After connecting the power supply, we need to check whether the LED screen of the Android TV box/ TV Stick will light up?

Situation 1: The LED screen or the indicator light is not on. If this happens, we need to change the power cord with the same voltage to try. Or use a dual USB cable to connect the USB port of the box and the power supply. After changing the cable and shows working, it means that there is something wrong with the power cable or power interface of the box, you need to change the power cable or repair the power interface. Instead, if still the same problem, you can use the Firmware flashing according to your device(becuase different tv boxes or tv sticks will have different firmware and different methods to flash). If you upgraded the firmware, it still does not work, may be the device’s motherboard burned out, you only have to replace a new Android TV box!

Situation 2: LED screen or indicator light is on, but not working. If this happens, you need to check below one by one.

a. Make sure the HDMI jack and the TV source are the same.
b. Re-insert or change the socket and try again
c. Change a new HDMI cable, at the same time to check whether there is something blocking the HDMI jack of the box
If possible, try to change a high-definition TV for testing. It could be a problem with the resolution of the box settings. Please turn down the resolution of the box and use it on your previous TV.
e. Upgrade the firmware of the box, and then try to connect it again.

If the above methods still can’t solve your problem. It is possible that there is a problem with the hardware of the device, please contact TV Box or TV Stick factory for aftersales if still in warranty. If the device already using for years, you can try some latest android box or tv stick with powerful configurations.

P.s.: Pls watch the below Youtube video if you have any questions.