An Android TV box and a TV stick are both devices that allow you to stream digital content on your television. Just connected to your TV by AV cables or HDMI cables, connect the network, and it will work.

For TV Boxes, uses can connected the network by both Ethernet cable or WIFI, TV Stick mainly uses WIFI to connect to the internet. For some users, they will experience 5G unavailability.

First, let us understand why the Android TV box/TV stick cannot connect to 5G WiFi. It may be caused by the device not supporting 5G WiFi, the WiFi signal being abnormal, or the router channel settings not matching. Next, These issues will be gradually resolved

1. Confirm that the device supports 5G WiFi

First, make sure your Android TV box/TV stick supports 5G WiFi. Check the device’s specifications or check on the product website to confirm

2. Check WiFi connection

Confirm whether the device’s WiFi connection is normal. You can try to connect to 2.4G WiFi first. If it can be connected, it means the WiFi module is normal

3. Check 5G WiFi

Check whether the 5G WiFi at home is normal. You can use your mobile phone to perform a connection test to ensure that the 5G WiFi signal is stable and working properly

4. Adjust router channel

If the previous steps are normal but the device cannot display 5G WiFi, it may be because the channel of the device does not match the channel of the router. You can refer to the router’s manual to adjust the router’s channel settings

Usually, you can find the channel settings in the router’s WIFI advanced settings or radio frequency settings. The international standard channel range is 12-41, just adjust the router channel to this range.

If the problem still not be solved, pls contact us directly with a video and detailed situations. We will reply you 24 hours.